I will pitch Correct Your Vocal Track AutoTune

Super fast delivery and and a professional result. Will use again and recommend to others. Thank you very much.
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Outstanding Experience!
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pitch Correct Your Vocal Track AutoTune
pitch Correct Your Vocal Track AutoTune

About This Gig

This is one of my favorite steps in mixing a recording for a band.  When your vocal sounds tight it pulls together everything in a song!  I'm careful not to ever over-edit a vocal (ie: remove all the breaths and small sounds) because it removes a lot of the vocals character.  I instead focus more on the timing and intonation of a track.  Nothing will ever beat a strong performance on a track, and if you just want to get it to the next level with perfect pitch then you've come to the right place.  I ensure that everything sounds great before sending you the final cut. 

Note:  This is NOT for the T-Pain effect on vocals.  This is for a transparent vocal pitch correction using Melodyne software in protools.


Step 1:  
Contact me   
               -->  Let me know how I can help you with your track
Step 2:  I will send you a custom quote for your order
Step 3:  Review your files and submit any corrections 

If you are not happy with the results, I will provide a full refund.  0% Risk. I'm confident you will be pleased.  I use the latest software and industry standard hardware/plugins.