I will give league specific fantasy football advice,even take over your team

give league specific fantasy football advice,even take over your team

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Description 1 Week Advice 1 Week Team Takeover Full Season Team Takeover
  You send your league rules, scoring etc,I tailor responses to your league.Waivers, Start/Sit, Trades Waivers run at 2AM? Too busy to keep track? I fully run your team for 1 week. I give weekly advice, make waiver claims, give trade advice and more.
Delivery Time 2 days 2 days 2 days

About This Gig

I want to help you win your fantasy league.  I can greatly increase your odds at making playoffs through waiver claim recommendations, trading advice, start/sit decisions.  Fantasy websites often cannot take into account your leagues specific rules and scoring styles.  Going purely based off projections and rankings is flawed logic, because those experts can't know the ins and outs of your league.  You need real, human eyes to think, analyze, and determine the best choices week to week.  I am offering specific, researched analysis tailored to your league.  You can go a step further than just advice and let me do a team takeover.  Do you have 2AM waiver claims and always miss out on the best players? Let me get up in the middle of the night and add them to your team? Have trouble deciding how to spend your FAAB? Let me make sure you get the players you need to win.  Don't have time to make a last minute lineup change when a player is ruled out? Let me make sure you never play an injured player again.  Fantasy football takes time, time many of us don't have.  Let me spend the time, while you reap the rewards of winning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast will you respond?
    I will guarantee response within 12 hours of purchase. The estimated turn around time is 3 hours, but there are always circumstances beyond my control.
  • Do you need my log-in information?
    If you purchase the team takeover option, I will need your fantasy sports site's login information to access your account. This information will be deleted at the end of our transaction.
  • Do you guarantee I make the playoffs?
    As fantasy football is an unpredictable game, I cannot 100% guarantee you make your league's playoffs. However in all the years I have played fantasy football, I have an over 75% rate of making the playoffs across my leagues. I do promise you will be the most informed player in your league.