I will translate 75 words of English SCRIPT to Malay or Tamil

Being able to find a spokesperson to speak in Malay to do a promotional video for my website makes JASVEENA a rare find and credit to Fiveer as a significant business online resource. Having reviewed her presentation, I am pleased with her performance and highly recommend her service. She's great!
Reviewed by pygoya over 3 years ago
translate 75 words of English SCRIPT to Malay or Tamil

About This Gig

Hi, there Fiverr,

This gigs is for script translation from English to Malay or Tamil for 75 words. If you have more than 75 words, please do multiple order accordingly.  (150 words = 2 gigs and so on) :)

This is for 30 secs of video testimonial. Please make sure that you order only to cover the cost of script translation here. To make orders to cover the cost of video testimonial, please refer to my testimonial gig and make orders separately & accordingly.


Any questions? Please message me before ordering. 

All translations are based on your original script and the video will be made loosely based on it. 

Endorsements are fabricated and don't represent personal recommendation.

I look forward to working with you! ;)