I will do Feng Shui Consultancy

do Feng Shui Consultancy
do Feng Shui Consultancy
do Feng Shui Consultancy
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About This Gig

Feng Shui is literally translated to Wind Water!! ( And pronounced as fung shway! )

The nature of life is to FLOW, continuously like the wind, and the nature of water is to Hold energy.

The basic idea is to Hold the Flowing energy which is positive and beneficial.

So, in Feng Shui, we aim at tapping the HARMONIOUS and BENEFCIAL energies flowing from different directions around us, using the science of direction and magnetic poles of the Earth.

These energies can be tapped and they change the way we feel and live in our homes and work in our office.

***In 5$ basic Gig*** I will give you:

1) A Bagua Map Consultancy of your space
2) List of Do's and Dont's 
3) Three important recommendations to enchance your living space

*****In 20$ Gig***** I will give you the basic gig plus the following:

1) Complete Consultancy for all areas of the Bagua 
2) No limit on the recommendations

********In 40$ Gig******** I will give the above two gigs plus :

1) A complete follow up on the results and more personalised recommendations based on birth 
2) Hand Pick the Feng Shui elements according to your budget to Super Energise your Home or Office Space ( links will be provided to the websites of your country )

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