I will ping your website or blog every 3 days for a month

ping your website or blog every 3 days for a month

About This Gig

Do you have a new website, blog, Youtube video or new content that you want to get exposed? Tired of waiting for traffic that never comes?  I've got the solution;

I will ping your website to a huge pinglist for every 3 days for one month. Which means it will get more exposure.

But what is pinging? A ping is a push mechanism by which a weblog notifies one or more servers that it's content has been updated, to notify multiple services like search engines, web directories, news sites, aggregators, feed webs and others of your new content. It helps search engine Web crawlers discover content quicker, which may give it the visibility needed to attract traffic, which helps a Website rank.

You can Google it for more information, but it basically means 

I will drive traffic to your site. Every 3 days. For a month. 

If you are satisfied with the service, just come back next month, anytime!

I will just need your URL, your keywords, the category of your site and you're good to go! Plain and simple.

Should be delivered immediately, rarely and MAXIMUM on 7 days in case of many orders.

Order Details

7 days delivery
Gig Paused