I will supercharge your SEO with Neuromarketing

supercharge your SEO with Neuromarketing

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Description I don't Hate SEO-Package I kinda Hate SEO-Package I Hate SEO-Package
  Get a 5 Point Report of the Issues with your Website Standard Package + Give your Content the boost it needs Premium Package + Customer Engaging Strategies & Conversion Improvement. THIS PACKAGE IS AWESOME!
SEO Report
Seller will review your website and write a SEO Report showing the site's critical problems
Tailored Action Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve the website's ranking
SEO Optimization
Seller will optimize on-site & on-page issues in your website
Delivery time 12 days
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About This Gig

I hate SEO.

Before you freak out, close this window and loose an opportunity to quadruple your sales, let me explain why.

Say 100,000 people see your link in Google. Of those, 5% (5000) click on it. But only 1% of your leads buy. That's 50 sales. Now, you hire some SEO service and get 25,000 people to visit your site. With the same conversion, you make 250 sales. 

Enjoy it, it's not going to last. In a short time, somebody will make a site with better SEO, and 250 sales will go back to 50.

You decide to focus on conversions instead. You buy this conversion Gig. With your 5,000 leads, you increase conversions from 1% to 5%. Not much, right? But, instead of converting 50 people, you convert 250. With a 4% increase in conversions, you did as much as increase in traffic of 25,000 people.

What happens if you have a good SEO and a great conversion rate? Using the numbers from before, you convert 5% of 25,000 leads. 

1,250 people buy your product; you make money and enjoy a nice vacation with your loved ones. Is it not an amazing story?

Sorry to interrupt your dreams, but you have not bought this Gig yet. What are you waiting for?