I will be your personal dating coach

be your personal dating coach
be your personal dating coach

About This Gig

Hey, you!! Nice to meet you. I am Jaxlyn. I am a life & holistic sex coach with over 6 years of coaching experience. I want to teach you how to date better. Whether you are looking to be a "serial dater" or you want to have a successful monogamous relationship, I am here to help you succeed. 
How I can help you: 
- I will teach you how to become a magnet to your desired partner 
- How to feel sexy and confident in your own skin 
- How to win over the hearts of anyone you desire 
- How to feel comfortable with rejection 
- How to approach a man or a woman in public 
- Attract your dream partner 
- So much more!! 

Please send me a message and let me know what your goals are so I can arrange the best coaching for you! 
**Please be aware that in order for me to guarantee my results multiple coaching sessions are going to need to be purchased.  

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