I will install mega filter pro on opencart website

install mega filter pro on opencart website

About This Gig

I will install, mega filter pro. on your opencart store in only 5$..


  •  Support responsive themes 
  •  Compatible with SEO URLs
  •  AJAX requests (without reloading the page)
  •  Config collapsed by default for all filters
  •  Config sort order
  •  Support OpenCart Filters
  •  Ability to turn on/off any attributes
  •  Support pages: Category, Special Offers, Search, Manufacturers, Homepage, Product Page, Information Page
  •  Support multi store
  •  Support multi language
  •  Support multi layout select
  •  If you choose category layout, you can select categories for which the module will be active
  •  Set custom tabs name
  •  You can customize filters separately for each category/layout
  •  Vertical/Horizontal position
  •  Ability to sort the attribute values
  •  Possibility to set In Stock option default selected/Hide out of stock products
  •  Possibility to set images for attributes
  •  Support MijoShop (only with OC 1.5.x)
  •  Support ocStore (with OC 1.5.x & OC2.x)

  • Price (including taxes, discounts, specials)
  •  Attributes
  •  Options
  •  Filters
  •  Categories
  •  Manufacturers (brands)
  •  Rating
  •  Stock status
  •  OpenCart filters
  •  Keywords

No  need to purchase extention from opencart i will provide it free free free....