I will mix and master your whole album loud and radio ready

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mix and master your whole album loud and radio ready

About This Gig

I will mix and master your album or mixtape, ANY GENRE, to sound like every song you hear out there, the better the source quality the better the outcome. If you  record on budget equipment, i will make it compete with studio recordings. If it is a studio recording, i will make it even better. Engineers charge hundreds for the quality we are used to hearing, but no song deserves a budget sound.

My goal is to bring life to not only your tracks but dreams to those who couldn't afford otherwise. A great production with a great recording, listeners know you are going somewhere.

As in mixing and mastering, i make your songs blend with  eq, compression, reverb, delay, etc. processing. I will add any requested effects (Autotune, telephone, etc.) fade or cut things out from noise to curse words for radio if you are specific to what needs done. I do not align off beat tracks, send stems in sync/time.


  • I will mix and master the first 10 songs for $30
  • If there is more than 10 songs you need done you get a deal of $25 available to purchase when you order
  • If you need a only one song mixed and mastered, go to my profile and order the gig for that which is $5, 2 songs for $10 and so forth

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Mix up to 10 songs

Mix up to 10 songs (if you have more songs check the option for up to 10 more songs for $25)

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