I will find LOW Competition Keywords for your Niche

find LOW Competition Keywords for your Niche
find LOW Competition Keywords for your Niche
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About This Gig

Hello! My name is Steve, and I am a keyword researcher and have been for the last 5 years. I am absolutely LOVE doing what I do and I am damn-well good at it.

For $5.00, I will be providing you with 10 low competition keywords that will be relatively easy to rank for. I use a handful of research programs to calculate exactly which words to give you. NO TRASH WORDS THAT CAN'T BE USED, GUARANTEED!

My services provide:

  • 10 Long tail keywords (search terms that are 3 words or longer) that get at LEAST 100 searches a month. This is often enough to make a profitable, marketable website!
  • Up to 200 related keywords to help you form content ideas. 
  • I will throw away any low traffic words, high competition words, or words that are just slight variations of each other.
  • A .CSV document with your project in a table format.
  • FREE! WORD DOC with details on your project, and how to interpret the document I gave you.

Gosh! It's too specific!

If for some reason your niche is too targeted and I can't fill in the order for you, I will let you know and deliver what I was able to find, absolutely free

I believe in good customer service, and it is my aim on Fiverr to do that for you.

Order Details

7 days delivery 1 Revision

10 + 200 Keywords

I will find 10 low competition keywords, along with 200 other related keywords for your niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to get my keywords?
    It will take no longer than 7 days, but I will routinely deliver earlier than expected. I need the 7 days in case of holidays, emergencies, or other situations that would not allow me to deliver too quickly.