I will create a thorough documentation for your WordPress website

create a thorough documentation for your WordPress website

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  For experts who know HTML AND CSS. But just need to have a reference at hand to know what is where. For people who have a brief idea of what HTML and CSS is but want total understanding of their site. For people who never heard of HTML or CSS before. A very detailed Website Reference Tool.
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About This Gig

WordPress is very powerful. Everyone knows this. But user still quiver at the thought of it because of the wicked looking codes it evokes in their mind.

WHat if I tell you that I can create an in-depth documentation on how to change every element on your website. When  I say everything. I mean everything. It will treat every aspect of HTML and CSS used to make up your entire website.

Cost are based on how experienced you are with WordPress. The most experienced is the cheapest and the documentation isn't as thorough as the third Tier: The Noobs. The goal of "The Noobs" is to make people that doesn't like codes, edit them without even knowing they are doing so. You simply follow simple basic English instruction. 

All Tiers are limited to a maximum of 20 pages. Additional pages comes at $5 per page.

SO , please Select a Tier and place an order.