I will help you to discover your udemy course topics

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help you to discover your udemy course topics

About This Gig

Are you inspired to become a Udemy instructor?

Do you have loads of ideas for courses?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Well, you won’t be once you buy this Gig!

Based on my experience of creating 16 Udemy courses and interviewing dozens of Udemy instructors, this is how I create my Udemy course groups, when I am deciding which courses to make next!

I have advised many new instructors on what to do and have now summarized this into a concise two page pdf which guides you through this process:

  • Evaluate your own expertise
  • Understand your market positioning
  • Discover the 12 Evergreen topics for which there is always demand
  • Discover your customers pain
  • Understand your clients needs
  • Discover which topics will sell on Udemy

Discover how to create your optimized list of potential courses which will keep you busy for the next year and beyond!

Buy this Gig today and start on your journey to becoming a Best Selling Udemy Instructor!