I will give you my udemy course promotional video script checklist

give you my udemy course promotional video script checklist

About This Gig

Are you struggling to create an effective promotional video for your online course?

Are you new to the dark art of Copywriting?

Do you simply want a step by step structure for creating your Udemy Course promotional video?

Hi, my name is John Colley.  I have 18 Udemy courses, including two on Copywriting.  I get asked about scripts for these Videos all the time

So, I decided it was time to create a simple step by step script builder to help you to create your Video - and ensure you don't miss any critical steps.

This is compliant with Udemy's guidelines but is a more sophisticated script than Udemy recommends – this is designed so that you can create higher converting videos.

This includes:

  • The AIDA Framework
  • How to entice your potential client
  • How develop their interest
  • How to trigger a buying decision
  • The importance of calls to action 

A three page PDF, leading you step by step to a great script!

Exclusive to Fiverr 

Get this great Gig today and save yourself hours of frustration!

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