I will proofread up to 2000 words in English for $5

proofread up to 2000 words in English
proofread up to 2000 words in English

About This Gig

I correct all kinds of written documents IN ENGLISH. I do gigs over 50 pages, just message me beforehand so we can work out the best option for you.

You're writing a paper; you have to deliver it today! But oh lord you're unsure about what you wrote, you're not a native English speaker and you cannot stand the shame of getting your work back and looking at all the little red lines that you could have prevented simply by getting your work checked by someone like me!

Now, you might say "I have this friend, he'll do this for free", and I say - sure he will! - but proofreading is a tedious and meticulous job and you don't really want to force your friend to sit for hours getting every little detail right.  That would deteriorate your relationship and eventually you'll run out of friends to do that for you and you will end up sad and alone, crying in a corner.

The great thing is, for just $5 you can prevent all of that and continue living your happy life knowing that I will proofread your work in record time, and give it back to you, my friend.
Not that I want to be your proofreading friend, because we all know how that ends, right?