I will make your Star Wars style Opening Crawl

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About This Gig

I will design a Star Wars style opening crawl to your specifications, at any resolution up to 1920x1080. I've done visual effects work for Star Wars fan films since 2008.

For $5 you get:

  • Opening Line - "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." or whatever you want.
  • Logo - You can have the Star Wars logo, a simple Star Wars style text logo (2 word limit), or send me your logo.
  • Title - Episode number and film title, or whatever you want. Both are optional, and additional lines are fine also.
  • Crawl - 100 words maximum. Ideal length is 3 paragraphs, about 80 words. Short words preferred.
  • Background - Send me an image, or you can use my default starfield background.

Gig extras:
  • Custom Logo
  • Extra Text
  • Ultra HD
  • Pan Down
  • Custom 3D Planet

Please finalize your text before ordering.

Please consult with me first regarding fast delivery.

The crawl is yours to do with as you please until the end of time, but I might want to use it for promotion if you don't mind.

If you'd like to credit me, "Graphic Design by Brendan Brassil".

Order Details

Basic Crawl

Basic crawl with 100 words in text. Simple logo included.

2 days delivery