I will convert any photo into a super awesome cartoon like myself

convert any photo into a super awesome cartoon like myself
convert any photo into a super awesome cartoon like myself
convert any photo into a super awesome cartoon like myself

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Description Test Run / 1 Conversion Give me more / 4 Conversions Love it / 10 conversions
  Test this service with only 1 picture conversion. You really like this service, so please give me more. 4 picture conversions. I love cartoons, and need everything animated. 10 picture conversions.
The number of figures (for example, people/objects) included in the illustration.
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About This Gig

Warning about this service to any potential clients....... it's UNIQUE and FUN and GOOFY and SILLY and POPULAR and FUNNY and you must try this, seriously!

Remember being young, and draining your life away with cartoons? Well... I still do sometimes, it is what it is

  • Ever dreamed about seeing your self as a cartoon? Now your dream is true! 
  • Ever wanted to take a Halloween costume picture to the next level? Now you can!
  • Best forum profile picture ever? Done
  • Spice up some blog posts? Why not

Hope your getting the point of this, there are endless things you can do with this gig. 
Take advantage of this ridiculous gig on Fiverr ASAP, a little blast from the past mixed with a picture of your choice delivers you a great time and stress reliever. 

Extras of course! I will make a birthday card out of your converted photo, or wedding card, or any card you want for that matter. I can also deliver this package of joy with a PSD version so you can edit it further or tweak it a little bit to perfect.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get revisions for the pictures you send me?
    One of the fun parts of this is commonly no, I will try my best to make it turn out good. If your unsatisfied with one of the conversions for a legit reason, like two of the same picture coming out to close, then yes. Or if you are going to leave bad feedback, yes :p.
  • Do I get to choose the wording for the birthday card add on?
    Of course, provide me with the content you want on it and its done! The front of the card will be your cartoon and the inside will be whatever you want it to be.
  • Are these hand drawn?
    NO.. NO...... NO, Sorry, I am NOT an artist. These conversions are created with a top secret method that only I know :).