I will show you the CAGED system the very best way

show you the CAGED system the very best way

About This Gig


I will send you fret board paper with the graphs for the CAGED system the way I learned it at the world famous college, Musicians Institute. "MI" (GIT) is one of the best schools in the world for contemporary guitar. This method is great for really knowing the whole fret board and connecting the sounds of music to your ears. 

There is 3 parts to the way we use the CAGED system. Chords, Arpeggios and scales that all fit together. So for every different type of chord there is. There is an arpeggio pattern, the same chord, and a scale that fits the sound of that chord. 

This way of learning the CAGED system is the best for real practical playing purposes. It works your hands in so many ways, trains your ears, gives lots of dexterity, connects the whole fret board in an amazing way, and helps you understand music on a higher level. 

You will receive sheets for the first type to learn. This includes the major chord, major arpeggio and the major pentatonic scale. That’s 15 patterns to learn, memorize and play with. I will also send you a short video on how to learn the system the most efficiently and how to actually play with it. You need this to be great.