I will suggest new uses for your research or product for $5

/ 7 Days On Average
suggest new uses for your research or product
suggest new uses for your research or product

About This Gig

You're smart. You've figured something out, and made something cool. But there's a problem: people don't agree with you. They don't like what you've made, or think it isn't worth what you're asking.

Now what?

Now you grab someone like me: a veteran of product redesign, brand porting, and technology reuse. You've invested time, energy, and significant smarts into whatever you've done - a new way of sorting bottles, a piece of code that compares photos, a recipe for the perfect steak sauce, or whatever bit of genius you've discovered - and I can help brainstorm it into a different product or offering. Maybe your bottle sorting algorithm can be applied to how tweets are rated by advertising firms, or your photo comparison code could be retooled to run on an embedded device that helps users find TV shows they'd like to watch based off visible archtypes. And that steak sauce recipe? Have you thought about writing an ebook of 3D printable marinades for the tech savvy chef?

Am I going to do the work for you? Nope - you're running this operation; I'm just here to give you a few great ideas you may have missed.  Specifically, I'll give you five: one for each dollar you've paid me.