I will feed a fox for 2 days

feed a fox for 2 days
feed a fox for 2 days

About This Gig

I will feed a fox for 2 days for this gig!
What you will receive:
* one video and/or one picture of the fox (taken within 48 hours)
* if you want to gift this to someone, I can send one snail mail postcard certifying your gift.

Currently (2016): papa fox and his daughter are coming to me, so 2 foxes to feed!

I feed them every day (morning & night) when they come at my window where I live (Dublin, Ireland). I buy chicken legs, which I cook in the microwave for 19 min, I let it cool and give delight to papa fox!

At first the foxes were scared of me, but little by little they become like pets: they look into my eyes and are not scared anymore. Papa fox comes early in the morning, and he often waits for me under my window. Once I throw chicken, he stretches ("life is so difficult"~~), eats 1 chicken leg, and takes 1 away :).
At night the little daughter comes.

I am not running an official charity for foxes (it is just me & my wife taking care of them), and I heal them from sarcoptic mange every year. I really enjoy seeing them getting healed, or being happy & free. I cannot understand why foxes are often disliked by people, they are very smart animals!

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2 days delivery