I will record your Voice Over Projects for a 2 Week Period

record your Voice Over Projects for a 2 Week Period

About This Gig

Please Read the entire Description Before Ordering!!!

This is your chance to have a Professional Voice Actor at your disposal for 2 Consecutive weeks after ordering.I will record and deliver Any and All of your Family Friendly Voice Over Projects.

Here are the terms of this agreement:

-I will record up to 4000 words a day for a total of 56,000 words in a 2 week period.

-Any projects totaling over 4000 words in a single day will be charged at a rate of $5 for each additional 150 words.

-Gig Extras shall be priced per individual project. Example: If in a single day you submit 10 projects and 5 of those projects require a Gig extra than 5 extras will be added. If you know what extras are needed before ordering add them to your first order.

- All submitted projects shall be completed and delivered within the 2 week time period.Projects submitted on the final day of the 2 week period will be delivered within 48 hours.

-Family Friendly Content Only.

The normal price of this service would cost well over $1500.00.
Please ask any questions before ordering.

Please Checkout my other gig's for other V.O. services.

Order Details

16 days delivery

2 Weeks of Voice Over

I will record any and all family friendly voice over projects for 2 consecutive weeks after ordered.

  • Separate Files
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
Number of words
This Package includes 56000 words. For each additional 150 words, the price is $5.