I will get into whatever voice your ears need

get into whatever voice your ears need
get into whatever voice your ears need
get into whatever voice your ears need

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Description One Voice Three Voices Five Voices
  Get a single voice of your choice in your recording. Choose 3 unique voices to spice up your recording. Get in there deep with 5 VOICES!
Separate Files
A recording that is conveniently divided into separate files.
Script Proofreading
The seller will correct your script language and grammar.
The seller will create the written script for the voiceover.
Style Options
The number of voice variations (accents/styles) delivered.
1 3 5
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 3
Delivery time 3 days
Number of words
This Package includes 100 words. For each additional 25 words, the price is $10.
This Package includes 150 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $15.
This Package includes 250 words. For each additional 50 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

My vocals have a broad range. I can go really deep or high in pitch, and everywhere in between. When I become a character, I BECOME the character. That's the quality that you'll get, realism in every voice. We can have a skype conversation to dig down and find which voice(s) fit your needs.

Here are some of the questions we might go through:

Need a villain? What's his purpose? Who is he/she angry at? 
Looking for a straight read? What's the context? Happy? Sad? Matter-of-fact? 

And on and on. If you want the power of director it's of course yours. If you want me to take the lead, I'm all in. 

We'll find that voice you're looking for!

Jonny Z

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do accents?
    Yes! I speak italian, that's a cinch. French, Russian, Southern, proper British, Canadian- seriously just ask me for a character and I'll find it.