I will edit your 1000 words and make them shine, fast

edit your 1000 words and make them shine, fast

About This Gig

You're an excellent writer. Your words sing. Your every prose effort is a symphony of language. But you know what? Lurking like soul-sucking demons within your crisp yet fluid sentences are dumb typos and grammatical errors. Ugly, sinister ones. Stupid little stinkers that you somehow missed, even after you and your mother read and re-read the text a million times. Unfortunate bloopers that your clever eagle-eyed readers will notice and cause them to say to themselves, "Pity. The writer seemed so brilliant." 

These insidious flubs must be terminated with extreme prejudice. And I am the person to do it. Because I hate them. 

I've worked as a professional journalist, author and editor for more than 25 years. I have written for newspapers and magazines, private companies and nonprofit organizations. I have published three books. I know my stuff. 

I'd be pleased to bring my proofing expertise to bear on your business letter, speech, blog post or short essay. I will proofread it for spellingpunctuation and grammar. If necessary, I'll provide you with feedback on how you can improve your writing.  

For a $5 Gig, I'll proof or edit 1000 of your golden words and make them shine.

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4 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Order Details

4 days delivery