I will practice Spanish, French or English with you, via Skype

practice Spanish, French or English with you, via Skype

About This Gig

I will practice English, French or Spanish with you on Skype for a 1 hour long session. If you need to improve your fluency, fix your spelling, pronunciation or intonation mistakes or just loosen up and get better at talking, this is your opportunity!

Once you contact me, we will get in touch via Skype during the following 3 days. Make sure you send me your availability when you contact me and tell me if you have any specific language issues you want me to focus in.

The lessons will be given according our availability. DO NOT EXPECT AN IMMEDIATE LESSON: First we discuss when we are available according to our time zones and then we schedule the lesson for a specific time that works for both parts.

My time zone is "(UTC -04:30) Caracas" and I usually do the on-line lessons after 3 pm (15h) in my country, so consider that before ordering the Gig, please. You can find the time differences and the hours in this website: www.time.is

My current days available for lessons are: Sundays and Mondays.