I will do Podio Integration for Real Estate

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do Podio Integration for Real Estate

About This Gig

  • For this gig I will have a Skype chat or call to understand or explain how these aII apps and system integrated and work together . 
  • If you do not have skype we can use other ways to chat or talk. (email info might be needed)

  • This Gig incIude aImost everything a RE Investor or agent Iooking Iike Texting from/Inside Podio  Sending EmaiIs inside/from podio , Sending BuIk emaiIs to Iist of Investors or seIIers , Connecting CraigsIist With Podio to PuII Ads AutomaticaIIy , Automating caIIs from different Campaigns , Integrating your website with Podio , Sending Ieads from One App to another App , FoIIow Up Campaigns Generating Contracts and much more. 

Also , enjoy some Great Automation which can cost you more than $950/month 

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