I will minify your JS files for faster loading pages

minify your JS files for faster loading pages

About This Gig

It should come as no surprise that the smaller the KB size of a webpage and its scripts - the faster the page loads. But a faster loading webpage isn't the only benefit you will get after you minimize your JavaScript, you can also expect: 
  • a better end user experience, 
  • less demand on your web server(s), 
  • a considerably lower bandwidth

Compressed JavaScript = Faster Website

You will get all JS files minimized on your webiste or just ask for more if needed.


  • No possible side-effect on code
  • Removes useless white spaces, indentation characters and line breaks
  • Replaces local variable names with smaller ones and takes care of substituting the references
  • Does not modify eval statement because of possible overboard effects

Please, if you have some questions, first, let's discuss about your needs before placing an order.