About This Gig

GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER ) is the best Search Engine Optimization and linkbuilding tool available on the internet today. However it takes some time to set up a full project as you need to get content, spin them add in your links and anchors, add your videos, and their descriptions etc, and a bunch of other fields…

What Will We Do

  • We scrape content ( articles, videos, images ) relevant to your keywords and then fuse it into spinable articles.
  • We randomly generate between 5 – 11 paragraphs.
  • We randomly insert either a relevant YouTube video or Image into your article, in random positions.
  • We use the GSA placeholder %url% which allow GSA SER to automatically inject random URLs as specified in your GSA SER project
  • We generate 5 PDF’s to use for Doc sharing sites in GSA – with your random contextual links
  • We provide list of long tail keywords based on your main keyword

Why Use Our Service

  • For $5 You can get Data Packs to fill 25 GSA-SER Projects....  
  • Save you hours of work
  • Speed up the process of creating a GSA project
  • Extensive list of long tail keywords improve your rankings

Download DEMO PACK: