I will clear your chakras with reiki energy for manifestation of your desires

clear your chakras with reiki energy for manifestation of your desires
clear your chakras with reiki energy for manifestation of your desires

About This Gig

Hello my name is Jenna and I would be honored to do a healing for you! I only work with the *LIGHT* so if you are looking for a positive-energy experience, this is the place for you! :) I am new to Fiverr but I have been using my intuitive and healing abilities for many years.

Do you feel stale, blocked, or stuck in a rut?

With this gig, I will do a distance clearing, cleansing, & healing of your chakras. The benefits will be to remove any imbalances in physical health, relationships & emotions, wealth & abundance, & more. You will have greater clarity, enhanced psychic abilities, reduced stress, and so much more! You will be uplifted, energized, and ready to take on whatever the Universe sends your way!

If you purchase the "extra", I will do a 20-minute meditation to amplify the benefits, ensuring a much greater and longer-lasting experience - FANTASTIC for anyone dealing with difficulties during the holidays!

Delivery is within 48 hours or less, however you may purchase an "extra" to guarantee delivery within 24 hours or less. When complete, I will send you a private message with the results.

If you have any questions regarding my services, please ask. Blessings to you!


Order Details

3 days delivery

Chakra clear/cleanse/activate

Complete chakra clearing, cleansing, and activation using Reiki energy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?
    I am in Arizona, USA.
  • Do I need to be present for an energy healing?
    No. Since energy is present everywhere, it knows no boundaries, including space and time. I have experience working with 'distance' healing energy for people in other states and other countries!
  • What sort of tools do you use for energy healing?
    I always ask for protection and guidance from Spirit and the Angels. I really like to work with crystals and find their energy to be extremely helpful and beneficial. I also may incorporate music, meditation, sound (Tibetan singing bowls, bells, cymbals, etc.), sage, fire, water, & other elements.