I will write A UNIQUE 800 Health And Fitness Article

write A UNIQUE 800 Health And Fitness Article

About This Gig

What's the difference between a writer who has a background in a subject and one who depends purely on research? I am a medical professional and a writer in that niche.

Many people are confused by medical conditions afflicting them or their loved ones. In many cases their primary health care giver is not very helpful in explaining the diagnoses in a non-technical language. Understanding a medical condition and its available remedies is the beginning of the road to recovery or ability to positively live with the condition. Whether you need just answers or content for an article, blog or a website; am here to give you holistic answers.  Let me know the purpose of the article so that I can use the appropriate form to suit your situation and targeted audience. I can write for professionals as well as for the kid just learning to read and everyone else in-between. In the article I will include (if it's a disease condition) definition, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment

For only $5 for every 800 words you can order articles of up to 2000 words

I look forward to working for you. Ask me about any special writing project that doesn't fall within the basic gig. Thank you.