I will be your professional video spokesperson in hd

be your professional video spokesperson in hd

About This Gig

 I would love to provide you with an extremely professional and high quality spokesperson video!

You must provide me with the script.

A $250 production fee will be added to all scripts exceeding 300 words (on top of standard rates).

  • No inappropriate/adult content, drug or dating sites
  • I will not film other people's Fiverr gigs
  • Contact me if you would like me to feature your product in the video
  • Please make sure your script is grammatically correct. Please also give the pronunciation of any unusual words, names or titles.  I will not re-shoot any videos for errors I am not responsible for.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with you!

Order Details

14 days delivery


Spokesperson. HD video quality, Professional studio lighting, High quality

  • Up to 20 Words
Gig Paused