I will give you a business reading

give you a business reading

About This Gig

In this gig I will tell you if you will do well in your business, or if you have a new idea for business I will tell you if it will be successful.
With this gig I can also tell you if a potential client of yours will go with your services and/ or product. This type of reading is great because it can give you an idea of what to expect if you go into your own business. This reading can also help you gain clarity if you are wondering if the time and effort with a client will bring you financial rewards and gains.
This reading is an in depth reading for one question only!
Will a potential client sign with me and pay me for my services?
Will I be successful with my company?
Is my idea for a business a good one?
I work with the loving and powerful energies of God and channel messages from the divine. It is my goal to help you gain clarity about the path that you are on.