I will give you a PRECISE, psychic reading

give you a PRECISE, psychic reading

About This Gig

I will give you a precise, psychic reading predicting what will happen, or what is happening in your life! Wouldn't you want to know what to expect in your life before it happens?! Or, what is happening in regards to a certain situation in your life? Or, what will happen in regards to a decision you make in your life?I will provide the information in written( type) detailed form.  (Normally a few paragraphs in length) Also, please keep in mind that some of you will hear good things.. others may not hear such positive things, If you aren't prepared to hear about the negative then please don't order from me. 
With this gig I can do any of the following..
3 month reading for one area only (e.g.- love, work, finances, etc.)*This is for one area only. 
1 question about a situation in your life.. can be related to your love life, career, money/ finances etc.

 When ordering the gig please specify what reading you would like me to do! 
My readings are pretty in depth... I will tell you in great detail what I see in regards to the question you have asked.