I will send you 10 tips on what to wear when pitching

send you 10 tips on what to wear when pitching

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Pitching to Investors Successfully

Module 1 - This is the basic "Love at first sight" step to pitching!

Throughout my career I met many pitchers who continually ask the same questions regarding how they should look when pitching!  Should I wear a tie? Does wearing a jeans make me look like a failure?  Am I allowed to wear red?  Will wearing trainers mark me down?

Wearing the right attire is, on many occasions the make or break of a pitch!  Investors do not have time to even listen to what is important, let alone be patient with someone who they don't like at first sight!   

Know what to wear to bond to your investors and make it right the first time!  

Answer to the basic questions above, and much more, in my top 10 tips, that I will send to you immediately upon booking this module.

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Module 1 - Pitching to Investors

Module 1 from course: Pitching to Investors Successfully

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