I will do a tarot reading or blessing tailored to you

do a tarot reading or blessing tailored to you

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What we choose to do as a profession is very difficult. It has to be something we enjoy and something that supports our lifestyle. Sometimes, those 2 paths do not intertwine. However, we get complacent in our jobs and accept that what we have, is the best we will ever get. Sadly, this isn't true. Many times we just need a sign or the right push to motivate us to reach for more. My readings are tailored to answer the questions you have about your job or encourage you to explore that new path. I will give a detailed explanation of each card selected and explain how it pertains to your situation. My readings in the past have proven to be very enlightening and accurate. 

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Professional Tarot Reading

I will do a reading based off the Celtic Cross layout pertaining to your current professional path.

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