I will promote your podcast on my podcast for $5

/ 14 Days On Average
promote your podcast on my podcast
promote your podcast on my podcast

About This Gig

**Due to a problem with Fiverr, my extras are currently not available!**

Podcasts are an amazing tool to get your voice heard, help others, or just have fun with some friends.

I have been podcasting for over 6 years and have created and helped get countless started!  I am a firm believer in helping others, especially when they are trying to get started.

I am currently running 2 podcasts that have reached over 200,000 listeners combined since they were founded and a simple recommendation could help your new podcast get the boost it needs!

BEFORE YOU ORDER!  There are a few things you need to know and do.

First off, we do not promote podcasts we do not believe in.  This means I MUST listen to your podcast BEFORE I talk about it!  This can simply be done by sending me a link to your podcast in a message prior to ordering.  

Second, we prefer not to do pre-recorded "advertisements".  They are usually corny and frankly I have seen much better results from a genuine promotion, rather than a placed ad.

In short:
  • Link me the podcast BEFORE ordering
  • I will determine which show it will be on
  • It will appear on 2 episodes (basic gig)

Want more promotion?  See Gig Extras!