I will help you with New Reiki

help you with New Reiki
help you with New Reiki
help you with New Reiki

About This Gig

If you feel a connection you are here for a reason. I can fetch the details your body is dealing with, blend in Reiki, and integrate that back into your body. It's a real exclusive.

I paid for two steps of Reiki, and grew on from there. I have the ability of a Reiki Master. Now I came up with a **New Treatment**. I asked one of my favourite psychics on Fiverr for her to try it out. She was content, and allowed me to say:

Method Approved by psychicsunshine, one of Fiverr's most in-demand psychics!!

What I offer is a remote healing. You don't have to be focused on me and you can just go by your day. For this, I need a clear photo of you. In case I feel I'm not the best person to help you we can mutually cancel the order, no problem. If you wonder if you 'qualify' just send me a message and I'll sense it.

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5 days delivery

New Reiki

Help you with New Reiki