I will send you into the future

send you into the future
send you into the future

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So you wonder where the future is. Is it anybody outside ourselves? No. Therefore we must have tools to see how we're doing and correct ourselves where needed. This is true revolution. I can send you a website that describes what you need to implement to make the future yours. I have to charge for this, this is the concept of Fiverr. And I appreciate it. It's nice to see who will take a hint for almost nothing.

You have to be tolerant for Mayan Astrology, and then a specific formula that ties actions to birth dates. The formula is included on the website, but you need to change it's working. Right now, it loads a PDF file based on birth date. You have to take the name of the file and...

Hey, you're not skipping this now are you? =)

Major programming is needed! The presented information and its software is provided AS-IS and is not guaranteed suitable for any desired outcome. In Mayan 'land' there are multiple formulas used. I have a spiritual background and sensed the formula that lead to my full horoscope. That was a perfect match so I assume the formula I like is correct. Again, you're on innovation here, so we need some of your appetite!

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The future

Send you to a website that has a plan for innovation.

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