I will do Professional Electronic Schematic Capture

do Professional Electronic Schematic Capture
do Professional Electronic Schematic Capture
do Professional Electronic Schematic Capture

About This Gig


I am a pro PCB Layout Designer who also offers professional schematic capture. Some clients use them directly for product support. i normally create a presentation of the circuit(s) on B size (11”x17”) pages.

Schematic Captures from circuit notes, connection lists, MFG specs, PDFs or conversions from existing design plots or software. We agree on the input(s) & cost before you order. Then I create the schematic and send a PDF file for you to check.  Finally I deliver the schematic database and a final set of PDF plots, usually at the same time I would complete the PDF gig for the design.

Where information exists, I will use MFG’s recommendations for supply and bypass caps.  We need to define the part packages to be used. If you have a BOM then we use that. Also the footprint attributes will be completed with my part model names to expedite a PCB gig order. A BOM can be created from a fully captured design.

Actual time frame subject to liaison delays and my workload. 

Order Details


Setup, schematic processing, outline model, packaging, doc checking.

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I order before contacting you?
    No. We need to discuss what the cost will be based on your input. We determine your need for services/advice before ordering. This makes for a win-win situation for both of us.
  • Can the delivery times be less than the gig days offered?
    The delivery time is predicated on factors other than just the actual time spent on the CAE/CAD work. Delays for issues with vendor specifications, part availability, engineering change or my workload are factored in. However, I try to deliver much sooner versus later or just on time.
  • Who has the responsibility for checking the captured schematic?
    This will be your responsibility. I will provide you with PDF plots as well as a BOM and net list from the schematic captured.