I will design a World Class PCB Layout

design a World Class PCB Layout
design a World Class PCB Layout
design a World Class PCB Layout

About This Gig


I am a pro PCB Layout Designer with years of successes.  My designs are in products sold worldwide.   Layouts from few to 1000’s of part pins in loose to very dense designs.

We agree on schematic inputs to be provided or I capture (separate gig) and BOM to check for CAD models needed.  Mech. specs needed: material, copper oz., shape and thickness.  I can help with these items. Then PCB database is “packaged”; part models “placed”; send placement pdf for review.  Routing starts, w/any minor part moves, except “glued” parts.  Database is checked for continuity and clearances.  You review final database. Free viewer is available.


  • Gerber and drill files
  • IPC net list for continuity check w/bare PCBs
  • Parts location reference file
  • Plot check PDF from Gerber data
  • PCB database
  • Files sent as 3 zip files
  • Fabrication, assembly and archives.  

Actual time frame subject liaison delays and my workload. 

Order Details


I will do PCB Layout per your Schematic and route the board.

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I order before contacting you?
    No. We need to discuss what the cost will be based on your schematic, BOM and mechanical data input. If you need my services/advice for these items, we define these issues before ordering. This makes for a win-win situation for both of us.
  • Can the delivery times be less than the gig days offered?
    The delivery time is predicated on factors other than just the actual time spent on the CAE/CAD work. Delays for issues with vendor specifications, part availability, engineering change or my workload are factored in. However, I try to deliver much sooner versus later or just on time.
  • Who has the liability for errors found after the PCBs are made?
    I correct part model errors and the database at no charge. Other changes to your design are billed. If you have design changes, you pay for the documentation cycle, otherwise it is free. You have the opportunity to check the database before ordering, so the PCBs cost is your responsibility.
  • Can you help me with vendor selections?
    Subject to any Fiverr restrictions, the short answer may be yes. I work with solid providers in the USA and in the Far East.