I will give you a angel romance reading

give you a angel romance reading
give you a angel romance reading
give you a angel romance reading

About This Gig

Hello I am Jessica Insight. I am offering to help you in your relationship matters and issues. I can sense patterns which i will let you know what you need to be aware of when I do this reading for you on fiverr inbox. This will also include timeframe if it comes up. So there is no guarantee that a timeframe will come up.

Requirements for this reading to be done:

  • You must have a photo
  • Your question must be One unless you contacted me. Be specific
  • Romance readings must have names and male/female
  • No sentence should end with "future" or "soon" 
  • I will need your date of birth

Please note that this is for one question for five dollars. You must be specific please! I will cancel your order if I see more than ONE QUESTION. Its written here in English so if you press order YOU agreed! By reading the bottom is statement.

By ordering this reading your agreeing that your honest with yourself and myself to gain the answers that you need in your life. You also understand that this is for entertainment. Also you have to be 18 and older to order this from me. You gain answers for one question used only. Unless you order extras. Once order is complete it is final no refunds once it's been delivered.