I will convert your audio cassette to digital format

Reviewed by odie1976 about 1 year ago
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My digital files sound great. Thanks!
Reviewed by bibspal over 1 year ago
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Jesus converted cassette tapes to digital format for me. The work was excellent. He communicated, and he was fast.
Reviewed by r30cp2 over 1 year ago
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Found some old tapes - didn't know what was on them. The work was performed quickly and professionally, and delivery was fast. My compliments to the provider.
Reviewed by gcraig over 1 year ago
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convert your audio cassette to digital format

About This Gig

If you still listen to audio cassettes or have boxes of them stored away in the garage gathering dust, this gig is for you.  

Magnetic tape degrades over time which can affect the quality of the recording.  In some cases the tape can become unplayable and your treasured music & memories are lost forever.  Converting your audio cassettes to digital format means that they will retain their current quality forever!

I will convert the audio on your cassette to your choice of digital formats (mp3, aac, aiff or wav.)  You can play these converted digital audio files on your computer or smart phone, email them, upload them to your social media page, the possibilities are endless!

Pricing & Details

  • All tracks of audio on your cassette will be converted to one digital audio file. 
  • If you want separate audio files for each cassette track, please add that in the gig extras.
  • If you want your cassettes returned to you please let me know.  (I have to charge for return shipping.)
  • I reserve the right to refuse gigs that involve inappropriate content.
  • I am not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cassette tapes.

Please contact me to work out the details BEFORE purchasing.

Thanks for checking out my gig!