I will protect you from curses, jinxes,and voodoo FOREVER

protect you from curses, jinxes,and voodoo FOREVER

About This Gig

Protect Yourself From Evil

I am an ordained priest and have practiced energy manipulation for many years.

I have the honor of the title of High Priest and a Doctorate of Divinity.

Malevolent entities from other realms can bring negative energies and misfortune to you.

Curses, jinxes, voodoo, and charms can be put upon you without you even being aware of it, disrupting your energetic balance.

I will enter a trance state and remotely through the astral plane create shields to protect you from negative energy and entities forever.

My mission is to keep you safe from curses, jinxes, voodoo, charms, and malevolent entities forever.

Ask for your astral shields, and enjoy life.

Extras (listed below):

I can Generate Your Protective Astral Shields in only a Day for an extra $5

I can Dispel any Voodoo, Curses, Jinxes, or Charms forever for an extra $10

I can Send you Positive Energy Through the Astral Plane Which May forever Increase your Luck for an extra $20

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