I will add your short message on my website

add your short message on my website

About This Gig

Make a mark on my website with a short message, statement, phrase, or some other interesting text. You choose! Now is your chance to say something that will stand out and shine, make a difference, or promote.

I will add your short message on my promotion blog as an individual post that will redirect to your specified link when the title or content text URL is clicked. Also, it will display in the results when the "marker" category is clicked or when searched.

Basic Options:

One post
Permanent for a lifetime
Displayed on front page footer at random
Shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus with 2 hashtags.

Title (80 characters max.)
Description (200 characters max.)
Author (First & Last Name)

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$5 Each Add Your Original: quote, clean joke, status update like posting a tweet on Twitter, or snippet sharing teaser content.

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We Do Not Accept:

1. Duplicate text. Each must be original and different.
2. Vulgar language, sexual content, nudity, scams, casino, or gambling related sites.

We reserve the right not to accept your order for any reason.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Short Message

Add your short message on my website.