I will make college successful for you

make college successful for you
make college successful for you

About This Gig

Offering advice for planning college successfully. Having being a great high school student, I found myself disturbingly at a loss during college. General ideas of my goals only wore motivation thin and I did not understand where I could gain motivation with no actual role models. Without proper thinking, there was much doing but little creating. By the time I finally realized what I wanted to do, I needed to drop out of school and rearrange myself.

Without my advice, you could make the same mistakes, or be stuck at college longer than necessary. While college professors would allow failing grades, or assure you that you do not need a major declared freshman year, I will you provide you a confident and successful start to college. All I need is 5 bucks.

- Learn how to decide your career.
- Decode the secrets of a successful life.
- Do what you want.
- Gain a full understanding of how to learn.
- Plan a path following and exceeding school and jobs.

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