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create an EDM Beat
create an EDM Beat
create an EDM Beat
create an EDM Beat
create an EDM Beat
create an EDM Beat

About This Gig

Read BEFORE ordering

  • $ 5 for production of every 15 seconds of Non Exclusive EDM
  • Non Exclusive means that once delivered, i can use the track or sell it again to other buyers, unless you purchase an Exclusive License, in which case price must be negotiated

Features on this Gig
  • Production of Non Exclusive, custom made EDM
  • Audio is delivered in Mp3 320 Kbps
  • Mix and Master
  • Royalty Free

  • My catalog of pre-made Non Exclusives http://goo.gl/syKeAp
  • The beats featured on my catalog are by far the less expensive option, starting at $ 9.95. Why? they were previously produced and not custom made like the ones you purchase on this Gig

  • My Gig Extras cover most of the situations, but if none of them works for you, ask for a custom extra

Terms and Conditions
  • I won't start work BEFORE the order is placed for the agreed price
  • Revisions are allowed BEFORE order is closed
  • I own all rights on the music i create unless you buy an EXCLUSIVE LICENSE in which case we negotiate the royalty split
  • I don't own rights on your own lyrics or previous songs
  • Ask all your questions before ordering to avoid cancellation