I will be your disease healer

be your disease healer

About This Gig


I am JH Sayyar, MA English, medical astrologer, carrying 25 years of experience on my shoulders in the field of medical astrology. I will heal your disease through astrology making the horoscope of your disease and will prescribe natural medicines according to the nature of disease. Keep in mind, disease is a name of disarrangement of brain cells and nothing else and it is due the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in human body.

Gig Requirements

1. Time of asked question

2. City and country

3. Date: month, date and year

4. Date of birth

5. Time of birth

Gig Surety

1. Delivery within three days

2. Hundred% natural solution of disease

3. My research is natural and unique

5. Trust in me 100%

Note: To know about me fully just write my name in Google, ‘JH Sayyar’ and find about me all.

Yours truly

JH Sayyar

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