I will make your horoscope perfectly

make your horoscope perfectly

About This Gig

1. I am JH Sayyar, carrying 25 years experience in making horoscope of life problem as marriage, magic, business, law suit, health, children, education, husband-wife quarrel, divorce, love and political problem and more………

2. I studied astrology to know how the planets affect human fate and provide chances for success in life.

3. I believe in that there is a time to sow and there is a time to reap; astrology calculates accurate time for doing something.

4. I will give you your current problem solution in the light of astrology and planetary powers’

5. By ordering a gig through me, I not only will give you accurate answer but also I will give you its accurate solution in the light of astrology.

6. If someone wants to know about me more, just write my name JH Sayyar in Google and find everything about me all. 

Gig Requirements:

1. Mention time and date when someone asks any question.

2. Your full name.

 3. Date of birth

4.  Place of birth

5. Time of birth.


JH Sayyar