I will develop, install, configure modules on your drupal website

develop, install, configure modules on your drupal website

About This Gig

I'm professional drupal backend developer with 5+ years of experience (from D6 to D8, including Drush). I'm also an active contributor to the Drupal.org community by providing patch or custom modules.

Below is a short list of what I can do :

1] Select and configure contrib modules according to your needs :
Exemple : you're looking for a module which allows you to have nice URLs pattern in order to have a better SEO result. I will select the appropriate contributed module and configure it for you (in that case, you'll have to provide me either an FTP/SFTP access and a user/pass to your Drupal)

2] Write a custom module :
Exemple : you need a module which retrieves informations from a website. I'll write the custom module and install it for you.

3] Some troubles with a module ? Or maybe you encounter a bug and you don't know where it's from ? Let me take a look at it! I'll fix drupal contrib or built-in module issue,

4] Install, update or configure your Drupal installation,

5] If necessary, i'm able to work with Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL

Before ordering a gig, it's very important (and I insist) that you contact me first.

I'm looking forward to work with you.

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1 day delivery

On Asking Questions

I'll fix your basic Drupal issues.

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