I will display your ad banner 300x250 on my website for 30 days

Awesome job! Very pleased.
Reviewed by diakonos23 5 days ago
I was looking to get some eyes on my banner and I figured that I would try someone with a good reputation on FIVERR.COM My seller had a FIVE star rating and so I went for it ... Now I understand why he has a five star rating ."Phenomenal". I will see what Kind of traffic I receive and Most likely that will be good to I would defiantly GoforIt.
Reviewed by bizwisard 29 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kaps21kapil about 1 month ago
Thank you for your great service !
Reviewed by kydesigned about 2 months ago
Reviewed by youngtrapmuzic about 2 months ago
nice one!
Reviewed by bruceizzul7 about 2 months ago
Thank you for your service. You are fast respon. :)
Reviewed by jsugold 2 months ago
Сделала заказ! Молниеносный ответ! Работу выполнил в течении 10 минут. Я очень довольна! Рекомендую.
Reviewed by pavalei 3 months ago
Verified and on the website. Thanks!
Reviewed by rafaello010 3 months ago
It was a pleasure working with jijojose! He responded promptly to my messages, and he is very easy to communicate with. He finished my gig in lightening speed! Fasted gig I have had done on fiver.... Will order again... ...
Reviewed by hireafiver247 3 months ago
Very nice and super fast delivery! I will be back for more!
Reviewed by jimjason110 4 months ago
Amazingly fast delivery. Outstanding experience. I wish his ever success in life.
Reviewed by ruhanspot 5 months ago
Outstanding experience. Very fast delivery.
Reviewed by ruhanspot 5 months ago
My order was completed so quickly got to check out the placement really happy with it and will most likely order again thanks!
Reviewed by azuread8 7 months ago
Service was super fast, it was actually faster than I had expected it to be! I feel the banner ad was well placed; I inspected the rest of the site and read a few articles while I was there and like the site setup. I would highly recommend this to everyone & will most likely be ordering again!
Reviewed by ajohnnyjohn 7 months ago
Extremely fast, excellent communication, Thank you
Reviewed by mcalzadias 8 months ago
Great service and price!
Reviewed by takeyoutothetop 8 months ago
very happy with the performance and end product.
Reviewed by tomprime 8 months ago
Wow! I am more than satisfied! You finished my order so quickly! I sure will be using your services again. And, I highly recommend you! :)
Reviewed by listenstudy 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by technovirus 10 months ago
display your ad banner 300x250 on my website for 30 days
display your ad banner 300x250 on my website for 30 days
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About This Gig

For 30 days I'll display your ad(300x250) on my blog. 

My site stats: 

Total pageviews(till 17 September 2016): 200,511
Unique page views(per month): 40,152 avg

I am an SEO expert and I'll place your banner in the nicest way possible to get you maximum clicks. 

I use Google DoubleClick for publishers to rotate ads. If you want the ad to be targeted to some specific geographical region let me know. End of the campaign, I will send you a beautiful report. 

My website is about marketing, social media, tech, etc., if your ad is similar to that it would be great and will get you maximum clicks. But other links are fine too(No adult content). 

Why Should You Order This Gig? 

  • More than 50+ delivery in a month
  • 4.9 rating
  • 20+ positive rating
  • 2,000 organic visitors daily