I will create a cloud based voicemail system for you

create a cloud based voicemail system for you
create a cloud based voicemail system for you
create a cloud based voicemail system for you
create a cloud based voicemail system for you

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Description Basic Voicemail with Web Interface Basic plus Transcription Standard plus text/email
  Voicemail with web interface with up to 2 users and one department. Voicemail with web interface with up to 10 users and 4 departments. All messages are transcribed. Voicemail with up to 25 users in 10 departments. All messages can be read/heard via text/email.
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About This Gig

I will set up a cloud-based voicemail system with a browser-based control panel. To keep the cost as low as possible, you will need to use a MySQL database (available for free through most web hosting companies) and my preferred web hosting company. The reason for these requirements is that I have built all my past voicemail programs through MySQL. I use MS SQL Server for most of my other voice applications but for whatever reason, I have always used MySQL for voicemail. I have a preferred web hosting company for my applications because I have had a lot of experience with different hosting accounts and this company is the best and it has a very good price for the end-user. I will also note that different web hosts do things differently and therefore, would add difficulty to the application creation. 

A simple description of this application is that (in its premium version), it makes a recording of a voice message and keeps it in a database in the cloud. It transcribes the content of said message to text and notifies the end-user of the voice messages by text and/or email and the recording and transcription can be heard and seen through the text or email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many messages can this voicemail hold?
    It is only limited by the size of the database. The database can be expanded through my preferred provider for a very low price in the rare event that it is filled.
  • How good is the transcription?
    It uses the Twilio transcription engine which I would say is about as good as Google's transcription engine. In the recent past, Twilio was better than Google on transcription, but Google has now improved and is on par with Twilio.
  • Do I need a special phone system to use this voicemail?
    No! Any phone system can use it as long as it has call forwarding. You would just set on permanent call forwarding to the voice mail when the phone is not answered due to being busy or simply not being answered.
  • Can the email notifications be customized?
    Yes! I left the full link in the email in the movie due to the fact that many people do not want to have images in their email. An image could be clicked on in order to hear the recording. There are many ways to change the email's appearance.