I will do anything in Microsoft Excel

do anything in Microsoft Excel
do anything in Microsoft Excel
do anything in Microsoft Excel

About This Gig

The video (at the top) shows how simple it is to create a Pivot Table. My hands couldn't move fast enough in real life. With just a click in a pivot table, you could look at the data in an entirely different way (like by zip code instead of county). The creation of that Pivot Table would have costs you $5.00. However, the organization of the source data (what you see at the left) would have costs another $5.00 and if I had to obtain the data myself, it would have costed another $5.00 for a total of $15.00. If a scraper was needed to get the data, custom pricing would be required (I have over 15 years of complex web-scraping experience). On the other hand, if you need a formula it is $5.00. If you need that formula in 1,000 cells, it is still $5.00 since I wouldn't need to perform another task. It is $5.00 per task. Please contact me before ordering to make sure we have a clear understanding of the pricing.

I do the following excel work:

Buttons, dropdown lists, menus, forms
SQL Server Integration
Pivot Tables
Data Visualization, Charts & Graphs
Formatting and Conditional Formatting
Scraper Integration
Data Entry
Help / Consulting
A lot more

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I will do anything in Excel

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